Nordic Live

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Nordic Live is a live music club that crosses the borders within the Nordic countries like it just don’t care, popping up at your favourite venues in the Nordic capitals and bringing artists and music lovers from different countries together – every single club night.

Nordic Live is organized by SV (in Swedish: Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan) – one of Swedens study associations, funded by the Swedish government, in other words the Swedish people. Hurray!

Over 2000 Swedish music groups and bands are today getting help from SV with rehearsal spaces, gigs, recordings, equipment, courses, workshops and more. The help is free of charge or costs very little. Find out more over at SVs music web

Upcoming shows

  • 10th march 2017 - Oslo @ Café Mono

Previous shows

  • 15 feb 2017 Stockholm @ Bar Brooklyn (Live: Falken [SE], Level & Tyson [NO])
  • 5 nov 2016 Oslo @ Cafe Mono (Live: Jordskred [SE], The Stomping Academy [SE], Orsak:oslo [NO])
  • 27 feb 2016 Helsinki @ Bar Loose (Live: Lava Bangs [SE], Birdflipper [SE], Otherhood [FI], Involvers [FI])
  • 24 okt 2015 Copenhagen @ Loppen (Live: The Living First [SE], The Commotion [SE], The Yeah Force [DK])

Wanna play?

If you are an artist active in Sweden: visit the Swedish version of this site and apply.


The club is run in collaboration with the nicest booking agencies and people from the Nordic countries. Without them, Nordic Live wouldn't be possible. So far we’d like to go official with the following great partners:

Denmark: 3rd Tsunami Agency
Finland: Fullsteam
Norway: Cafe Mono


Edward Forslund
Nordic Live / SV
hello[ at ]
Swedish bands that are interested in playing at Nordic Live: go to the Swedish version of this site and use the form.